Pricing plans

Our pricing strategy is charged per the premium price as per industry standards; value for money and customer service satisfaction.

Lakeside Marina Park is here for you!

Recreational, amusement and grounds for events are the major features of our facility. Our services are positioned to provide our customers with exceptional customer experience.
* Fees paid DOES NOT include Tables, Canopies and chairs.
Wedding only (GHC 4,000.00) Wedding only (GHC 4,000.00)
Wedding reception (GHC 4,000.00)GHC 4,000.00
Both wedding and reception (GHC 7,000.00 )GHC 7,000.00
Birthday / Graduation (30-59people) (GHC 1,600.00)GHC 1,600.00
Birthday / Graduation (60-80people) (GHC 3,000.00)GHC 3,000.00
Exclusive booking (GHC 10,000.00)GHC 10,000.00
*Groups enjoy special discount
Child (below 12yrs) (GH₵40.00)Child (below 12yrs) (GH₵40.00)
Adult (GH₵50.00)Adult (GH₵50.00)
Family (2 Children + 2 Adults) (GH₵150.00)Family (2 Children + 2 Adults) (GH₵150.00)
Child Year Pass (GH₵600.00)Child Year Pass (GH₵600.00)
Adult Year Pass (GH₵800.00)Adult Year Pass (GH₵800.00)
Family Year Pass (GH₵2,250.00)Family Year Pass (GH₵2,250.00)
  • Prices may be changed without prior notice.
  • Groups of 10 or more enjoy special discount of 10%
* Seating capacity: 30
Half day (GH₵600.00)Half day (GH₵600.00)
Full day (GH₵1,100.00)Full day (GH₵1,100.00)
Projector Rental (GH₵200.00)Projector Rental (GH₵200.00)